Kormánybőrözés 2 óra alatt Budapesten! Bőr váltószoknya.

Profi munka, gyári anyagok!

Welcome to my site!
If you want something special, you are on the perfect site!
My name is Gábor Nyárai, professional car upholsterer.
In our country we realized and achieve at first, that people do not want an all-day program of the wheel leathering.
Thanks to the great experience and our professional shop we can made it within 2 ours.!
 Our all products are unique hand-made products.
 The quality of our work guarantee the nearly 20 years experience.
Please come to us in Budapest IV. District of our shop.
Office hours check-in.
Tel .:
+36 20 366 44 96 Gábor
Opening .:
Monday-Friday: 09:00-15:00
Budapest 1047 Batthyány street 16. 
(Vezér Road-Mogyoródi Road corner, gingerbread house).
For the weel leathering, what you can wait you should registry for 2 weeks. Thank you for your understanding.
Postage is possible!


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